How to Assemble a Trampoline?

Trampoline provides a great way for fun and entertainment to all family members. When it comes to using a trampoline, safety should be put into one of the first priorities. The most important step we had better bear into our mind to ensure the trampoline safety and stability is its establishment. There is no difficulty in setting up a trampoline. All you need is requiring at least 2 people to assemble different parts of the trampoline together. If you are finding it hard to assemble a trampoline, let’s follow these steps below.


Does the Package Have Full Accessories?

Normally, a trampoline often offers numerous of pieces for the solid construction. Your responsibility is ensuring that all parts of the trampoline are in good condition. The manual instruction will help you find out what is missing in the package. Feel free to contact to the manufactures in case you have any problem with setting up the trampoline. Main elements of the trampoline could be found include frame, springs, safety enclosure, and padding. Besides, you actually need the support from other additional tools such as screws, nuts, bolts and more for making the establishment easier.


Guides to Assemble a Trampoline

Are you ready to put all pieces together? After we separate all trampoline parts, it’s time to connect them in the right order.

Setting up the frame is the first requirement in boosting the trampoline stability for years. As you know, a well-built frame is the big plus that contributes to bring high bounces and safety to users, especially kids. The trampoline frame equips a variety of U legs. Ensure that these legs securely attach to the frame by the support of bolts or screws. As a result, it looks like a round shape in providing large space for jumping.  

The next step is attaching springs in the trampoline jump pad. Quantity and length of the springs will decide the effectiveness of bounces. There is a variety of hooks to securely attach the springs into trampoline frame. Remember to divide them equally on the pad. Then, it is time to cover the mat on the springs. The mat should be suitable with the size of the frame for better stability.


Another important step is connecting the pad on the trampoline frame. The pad often comes with thick foam and vinyl materials to enhance surprising safety for years of using. Selecting right pad is a necessary task for users to avoid injuries on legs and joints when jumping out of the trampoline. Moreover, it helps limit the stuck fingers of children during jumping process. It is advisable to tight the pad carefully to prevent bad influences from wind or storm. Remember to attach closely the trampoline pad to all metal hooks on the frame. This contributes to ensure that the pad won’t dislodge for using over time. The best result of attaching the trampoline pad is its smooth surface.


Last, but actually not least, the equipment of safety enclosure is extremely important, especially for the usage of children. Therefore, you must ensure that the safety enclosure is carefully attached to all hooks for best efficiency. In order to enhance the security of enclosure attachment, you could use screws and bolts for supporting this assembling process.


After these steps are finished, let’s try to enjoy great moments when jumping on the trampoline. You should check whether the trampoline is safe or not before allowing your children to play on its pad. If everything comes in best result, it implies that your trampoline is completely ready to use. Moreover, for countries where are often affected by storm, anchors are good recommendation. 

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