Trying to lose weight? Get more sleep

Medical Studies have unveiled an overwhelming truth which successfully establishes a strong relation between weight loss and sleep. Experts have stipulated some details that explain the association between weight loss and sleep, leptin as well as ghrelin (very important hormones). All these four factors are interrelated and might efficiently address several people's concern related to weight reduction. Though, struggle and fight for success and survival tend to overshadow the importance of maintaining good health and fitness, the fact that life is charmless without a perfect blend of health and happiness, can't be ruled out at any cost.


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How Sleep Contributes in Weight Loss:


After conducting and reviewing multiple medical examination results, scientists have come up with an enticing conclusion which says that body's metabolism process works three times faster in sleep. There has to be a rational explanation behind this incidence. Of course, there are justifications which strongly support the standard finding. Researchers explained that human brain's metabolic rate increases during sleep. It means that human brain enhances caloric expenditure during sleep to produce energy. So, a person loses more calories in sleep than when he is awake.


Sleep Deprivation is Another Cause of Overweight:


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Human body is trained to regulate few important hormones during sleep. Among them, leptin and ghrelin play major roles. These two hormones have considerable impacts on a person's food cravings and stomach full indication. To be more specific, ghrelin is the hormone which encourages hunger feeling. On the other hand, leptin is the hormone that controls a person's stomach full feeling. So, when a person suffers from sleep deprivation, secretion level of hormone leptin and ghrelin gets disrupted. Insufficient sleep interferes with the normal activities of these two hormones. Therefore, when a person cut backs on sleep, his body releases more amount of ghrelin and reduced amount of leptin. Apparently, the outcome is not pleasant at all. The increased level of ghrelin boosts hunger feeling. That is why a sleepless night evokes food cravings. This might be the main reason which explains why the habit of late night snacking is common among many people across the world.


This situation unfortunately exacerbates because of another additional consequence. Sleeplessness leads to a stage, which incorporates additional threat by reducing level of leptin hormone. This hormone is very important in suppressing hunger feeling. A reduced level of leptin fails to indicate a stomach full condition. When a person lacks this hormone, he fails to recognize the stomach full feeling. Precisely, a person with decreased level of leptin hormone may end up eating a lot more than he actually needs. These incorrect and misleading activities undoubtedly increase the chance of being overweight.


Another condition responsible for enhancing the complication of the situation is the emission of a hormone called cortisol. Research findings suggest that a sleep deprived person remain more stressed than a normal person. The state of stress and restlessness induces the emission of cortisol. Increased amount of cortisol stimulates hunger feeling.  


Pituitary gland secrets more growth hormone while sleeping. The growth hormones are responsible for muscle building and new cell generation and thus require more energy consumption. So, the condition of sleep deprivation may disturb body's natural activity and ultimately encounter unfavourable result like obesity. In short, sleep is very important to support the body and brain in performing general activities such as burning fat to produce energy, controlling and regulating body's natural hormones etc. So, if a person is aiming at weight reduction, he should not neglect sleep. 

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